Outplacement & Consiliere În Carieră


De ce consiliere în carieră?

“A career counselor is a professional who helps clients to plan their careers and achieve their employment goals. Career counselors and coaches work with clients to teach them strategies for how to find new or different employment successfully. Career counselors and coaches provide a variety of services. You can get assistance with any part of the career planning process that you need. Here’s an overview of the services that are offered: help clients to assess career values, interests and skills; investigate career options and envision a career path; identify and apply for jobs; network; interview; develop resumes and cover letters, and establish integration between work and personal life; use a variety of tools including assessments exercises, interest inventories, personality tests and client interviews to help identify appropriate options for consideration; help clients identify obstacles impeding progress toward the establishment of career plans and coach clients on ways to overcome these challenges; make referrals to psychologists or therapists if clients are unable to engage in the career planning process or finalize decisions due to anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem. Career counselors and coaches provide assistance with identifying and exploring career options, selecting from career choices, changing careers, resume and cover letter writing, focusing and targeting a job search, and helping job seekers through the job search process. Working with a career coach is a process that can help you understand yourself and where you fit best in your career, education, and life. Career counselors focus on achieving work life integration with an understanding of how a person acts in their role and how different roles interact. They can even help you to explore new career options and resolve issues at work or even problems in your personal life that may be affecting your job performance.”

Sursa: www.thebalancecareers.com

Identificarea profilului psihologic
Identificarea valorilor
Identificarea abilităților transferabile, a abilităților specifice și a competențelor
Analiza SWOT personalizată ca instrument de autoevaluare
Consilierea în construirea CV-ului, a profilului de Linkedin și a scrisorii de intenție
Fereastra Johari personalizată ca instrument de autoevaluare
Metodologia STAR în interviu
Simularea interviului
Prezentarea pieței muncii: angajatori, job-uri, salarii
Prezentarea candidaturii către o bază de date de potențiali angajatori
Consilierea înaintea interviurilor cu potențiali angajatori
Consilierea în negocierea pachetului de compensații și beneficii
Jocul de antrenare a inteligenței emoționale The Coaching Game

Jocul "The Coaching Game" este achiziționat de la Points of You, leader în domeniul instrumentelor profesionale pentru training, coaching și dezvoltare personală la nivel internațional.

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